CSIR Technology Portal
CSIR Technology Portal

 Consultancy Services

CSIR laboratories are basically research and development institutions, which offer science based consultancy services in the areas of their specialisation. Since most of the technology development is in high-tech areas, the quality of CSIR’s expertise and service is world class and state of art. Its biggest asset is the quality of its human resources. It differs from other professional consultancy organisation in this important aspect since its manpower is permanent in nature, who are specialists in particular science and technology. This is quite unlike general management / technical consultancy organisations, who hire specialists as associates on an assignment to assignment basis.

Industry has realized that it is only at CSIR that one can find a rare combination of diverse disciplines, all under one roof, offering the following services :

  • Process Simulation, Optimization and Entergy Conservation.
  • Process Improvements and Modernization Studies.
  • Process Design and Engineering.
  • Research and Technology Management.
  • Project Planning and Development.
  • Product, Application and Market Development.
  • Technology Search, Evaluation and Selection.
  • Analytical and other Technical Services.