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We have identified product oriented patents from our portfolio which are probable candidates for start-ups. The inventors will be happy to have discussions with potential entrepreneurs who have interest in converting these concepts into tangible products.

Total 134 Patent(s) found
Sno. Patent No. Title
1. IN245319 Low sodium salt botanic origin


2. US7875659 Water-soluble macromonomers containing terminal unsaturation and a process for the pr

IPC C08F2/38

3. US7879383 Rosemary herbal beverage powder and process

IPC A23L2/08

4. IN245772 An efficient medium composition useful for clonal propagation of tinospora cordifolia

IPC C12N 5/04

5. US7912272 Fake document including fake currency detector using integrated transmission and refl

IPC G06K 9/00, G06K 7/00, G06K 9/74, B07C 5/00

6. IN247077 A composition of epoxy concrete for manufacturing machine tool structure resistive to

IPC C04B 14/00

7. IN247430 A chemical resistant geoplymer fly ash bricks and porcess thereof useful for construc


8. IN249972 A simple and efficient process for the preparation of pencil-lead from spent pot-line

IPC C09D 13/00

9. IN249982 An improved device for continuous extraction of sugarcane juice

IPC A23N1/00

10. US8097447 Solid nutrient media useful for isolating and identifying alkaliphilic bacteria

IPC C12N 1/20, C12Q 1/04, C12Q 1/00

11. US8101136 Kit for estimation of chemical oxygen demand

IPC G01N 33/48

12. IN251110 A device for measuring convergence of the roof in a mine quickly and accurately

IPC G01B5/30

13. IN251125 An autonomous control system for shearer-loader in underground longwall coal mines

IPC G06F7/00

14. IN251304 A device to measure the reaction rate kinetics and non-isothermal kinetic parameters


15. IN251472 A device for sugarcane deskining

IPC A23N7/00

16. IN251818 A slope measuring instrument useful for measuring an angle on a slope of a surface


17. IN252566 A field convenient jacketed leaf inactivator for green tea processing

IPC F26B11/16

18. US8242051 Carbon supported activated alumina absorbent useful for the removal of fluoride ions

IPC B01J 20/00, B01D 24/00, C02F 1/42, B01J 20/20

19. US8252359 Method for the preparation of refreshing drink and use thereof

IPC A23L2/00

20. IN253847 Jet-wheel impact atomizer for spray drying and a process for the preparation of finel

IPC B05B 15/12

21. US8257486 Composition for building material and a process for the preparation thereof

IPC C04B 14/00, C01B 33/32, C01B 33/26, C04B 41/50, C04B 2/00

22. IN254098 An emulsion composition useful for blasting hard strata excavation work

IPC E21C41/00

23. US8277690 Conducting copolymer ferromagnetic composite and a process for the preparation thereo

IPC H01B 1/08, H01F 1/01

24. IN254215 A corrosion resistant polyaniline (pani) containing paint for corrosion prevention of

IPC C09D5/08

25. US8303706 Yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process for pre

IPC C01G39/00, C09C3/00, C09C1/00

26. US8357275 Potentiometric cholesterol sensor for the quantitative estimation of total cholestero

IPC G01N 27/26, G01N 33/543, H01L 21/30, G01N 33/92

27. US8378135 Multifunctional alcohols obtained from cardanol, multifunctional acrylic crosslinker

IPC C07C 69/54, C07F9/02, C07C 67/02

28. IN255419 A novel catalyst useful for the removal of pathogens from wastewater

IPC B01J 23/00

29. IN255441 Organic-inorganic hybrid chiral sorbent and process for the preparation thereof


30. US8389638 Multifunctional additive grafted rubber and process for the preparation thereof

IPC C08C19/28

31. US8399149 Composition with enhanced proton conductivity

IPC H01M 8/10, H01G 9/02

32. IN255932 A novel ketene oligomer from aliphatic non-polar amino acids and a process for the pr

IPC C07C 45/00

33. US8422130 Portable magnifying instrument useful for colposcopy

IPC G02B23/00

34. US8440252 Iodized salt and a process for its preparation

IPC A23L 1/237

35. US8445400 Glycerol-based solid acid catalysts useful for the esterification of fatty acids, a p

IPC B01J 31/02, B01J 31/10, C07C 51/493

36. IN256252 Active foamed magnetic ceramic/metal composite substrate from redmud and process for

IPC C04B35/100

37. IN256339 Novel carbon supported activated alumina absorbent useful for the removal of fluoride

IPC B01J 41/00

38. IN256348 A process for the preparation of water-soluble chili colorant formulation having incr


39. IN256389 A catalyst useful for the decomposition of nitrous oxide to nitrogen and oxygen

IPC B01D 53/32

40. IN256409 Novel rhodium carbonyl based ligand catalyst and a process for the preparation thereo

IPC C08F10/00

41. IN256672 A biodegradable insulating fluid composition

IPC C10M101/00

42. IN256699 Surface modified zeolite

IPC B01J 29/00

43. US8496964 Controlled release micro-capsule for osteogenic action

IPC A61K 9/52, B05D 3/00, B01J 13/00, A61K 31/70, A61K 9/50, A01N 43/04

44. IN256831 A rock bolt for reinforcing rock strata in a roof or side of mine or tunnel

IPC E21D20/02

45. IN256889 A biodegradable hydraulic fluid composition

IPC C10M101/00

46. IN256913 Process on development of anticorrosive coating sysyem with polyaniline useful for co


47. IN256916 An alternate composition of gear oil

IPC C10M101/02

48. IN257392 An improved solar selective coating having higher thermal stability useful for harnes

IPC F24J 2/48

49. IN257491 An improved counter gravity casting apparatus

IPC B22Q 18/04

50. IN257560 A device useful for continuous moulding

IPC A23P1/10

51. US8557726 Chiral heterogeneous catalyst for assymmetric nitroaldol reaction

IPC B01J 31/00, C07F 7/10, C07C 205/00

52. IN257621 A device useful for signal transfer from static to rotating surface

IPC H01L 27/20

53. IN257679 An emulsion explosive and cord system and emulsion explosive cartridges made therefro


54. IN257683 An apparatus for disinfection of sea water/ship's ballast water

IPC C02F1/50

55. IN257706 A novel catalyst useful for controlling microorganism in water and a process for the

IPC C02F 1/00

56. US8587414 Wireless information and safety system for mines

IPC H04Q 5/22

57. IN258005 A jacket attachment for carrying portable skiffing and shoot harvesting machines

IPC A01D 45/02

58. US8607618 Electronic level sensor and timer based falling head soil permeameter

IPC G01N15/08

59. IN258336 An automatic continuous food cooker

IPC A47J27/00

60. US8633294 Lactic acid-isosorbide copolyesters and process for the preparation thereof

IPC C08G64/00, C08G63/02

61. IN258763 An equipment for loading blasted coal/mineral from a conventional long wall mine pane

IPC E21C35/20

62. US8658813 Polyol esters of medium chain fatty acids and process for preparation thereof

IPC C11C3/00, A23D9/00, A01H5/00

63. IN259359 An orientation unit for fruit sorting and grading machine

IPC B07C 5/08

64. IN259516 A comb for temperature and volume controlled oiling and massaging of scalp

IPC A61K 35/22

65. IN259803 An electrochemical device to remove arsenic from ground water and surface waters

IPC H01M 10/50

66. IN260343 An improved circular secondary clarifier for wastewater treatment

IPC B01D 21/1

67. IN260373 A movable roof support canopy as a safeguard for working under fresh roof in an advan

IPC E04B7/10

68. IN260496 Improved fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflctive spectral

IPC G07D 7/12, G07D 7/00

69. IN260611 A biodegradable lubricant composition for two-stroke engine

IPC C10M169/00

70. US8742150 Castor oil fatty acid based estolide esters and their derivatives as potential lubric

IPC C07C59/00, C07C 69/34

71. IN261784 A biosensor device for flow injection analysis using immobilized enzyme

IPC G01N27/327

72. IN261841 A composition of hydraulic fluid and process for the preparetion thereof

IPC C10M 101/02

73. US8816850 Tracking and monitoring system for opencast mines

IPC G08B21/00

74. IN262695 Biosensor device for the determination of caffeine in food samples

IPC C12M1/00

75. IN262820 A tanning composition and a process for the preparation thereof

IPC A61K 8/35, A61K 8/73, A61Q 19/04

76. IN263382 A machine for continuous deskinning of sugarcanes

IPC B02C 23/10

77. IN264741 UV curable methacrylate silica based nanocomposite sol useful for anti scratch coatin

IPC C08J7/04

78. IN264779 A capillary viscometer device to determine the flow charaterisatics of fluids

IPC A61B 5/00

79. US8946682 Donor-acceptor fluorene scaffolds: a process and uses thereof

IPC H01L 29/08

80. IN265110 Pyrrole end-capped bipyridine assay powder for selective detection of zinc ions and p


81. IN265746 A movable canopy for immediate front face of mine or tunnel workings along with roof

IPC E21D20/00

82. IN265976 An improved continuous circular cutting machine useful for cutting lemon and other si

IPC B26, D3/26

83. US8994911 Optical memory device based on dhflc material and method of preparing the same

IPC C09K19/02

84. US9011952 Method and apparatus for the separation of seeds from fruit pulp/slurry/pomace

IPC A23N4/24

85. US9012688 Fluorescent material for self-erasable writing, authentic security labeling, currency

IPC C07C 233/65, C09D11/17

86. IN266305 A device for measuring roof convergence in underground coal mines/tunnels


87. US9023750 Ruthenium complex intercalated n-doped or n,s-codoped titania pillared montmorillonit

IPC B01J 29/04

88. IN266633 A machine for the continuous manufacturing of beta-form polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf


89. IN266872 A grating machine useful for grating of fruits,vegetables,coconut and other similar p

IPC A23N15/00, A23N15/00

90. IN266941 An attachment device for hand held drilling machine to prevent falling of coal dust d

IPC E21B17/00

91. IN267110 A mobile tea shoot preconditioning device for withering during black tea manufacture

IPC A23F3/00

92. IN267139 A moving bed plasma reactor for preparation of titania rich slag and iron ignot from

IPC B01D 53/32

93. IN267447 An emulsion composition for medium and hard strata excavation work

IPC C06831/00

94. IN267686 An apparatus for the prevention of biofouling


95. IN267586 An equipment for collecting an unbiased coal sample from open railway wagons for qual

IPC G01N1/02

96. IN270496 A device for cooling an individual working in an open cast mine or in similar conditi

IPC E21C47/00

97. US9227853 Desalination unit for the production of potable water from sub-soil brine

IPC C02F 1/16, B01D 5/00, B01D 1/00, F01K 11/00, B01D 3/00, B01D 1/16, C02F 1/04, C02F 1/12

98. IN271025 A novel water soluble sulfonated melamine formaldehyde ionic condensate and a process

IPC C14C3/00

99. IN271032 A novel yellow inorganic pigment from samarium and molybdenum compounds and a process

IPC C09D 5/00

100. IN271039 A bioactive keratin-silica matrix and a process for the preparation thereof

IPC C14C3/00

101. IN271038 An alternative proton conducting polymer electrolyte membrane useful in polymer elect

IPC H01M 8/00, C08J 5/00

102. IN271219 Nanocomposite material useful for the preparation superhydrophobic coating and a proc

IPC A61K 47/34

103. IN271486 A device for improved manual grouting of roof bolts in mines

IPC E21D21/00, E21D20/00

104. IN271490 An electronic level sensor and timer based falling head soil permeameter for measurin

IPC E02B 11/00, E03B 3/06, E03F 1/00

105. US9267375 Device for roof support of underground mine/tunnel

IPC E21D15/00, E21D15/46, E21D15/58, E21D15/56

106. IN271422 Novel lipophilic ether derivatives of dihydroartemisinin

IPC A61K 31/00

107. IN271474 Novel substituted benzocycloalkyl azole derivatives as antileishmanial agents

IPC C07D 233/28

108. IN271546 A novel compositions for chrome tanning of hides/skins


109. IN271639 A novel viscoelastic polyurethane and a process for the preparation thereof

IPC C08G18/16, C08G18/18

110. IN271983 A novel alkaline protease

IPC C12N 9/58, A23L 1/30

111. IN272087 A mercapto phenyl naphthyl methane compounds and preparation thereof

IPC A61K 31/00

112. IN272142 A composition for the manufacture of flyash based rigid sheet useful as an alternativ

IPC E04C2/00

113. US9305777 Catalyst free synthesis of vertically aligned cnts on sinw arrays

IPC C23C 16/00, H01L 21/02, B82Y 10/00, B82Y 40/00, B82Y 30/00, H01L 29/06, C01B 31/02, C30B 29/06, C30B 29/60, C30B 25/00, H01L 51/00, H01L 51/05

114. IN272826 A device for the collection of essential oils from hydro-distillation of aromatic pla

IPC B01D3/100

115. EP2819527 Double fortified salt composition containing iron and iodine and process for the prep

IPC A23L 27/40, A23L 33/16, C01G 49/00

116. IN273381 A light and detachable canopy for protecting miners in the immediate front face of a


117. US9368734 Lithium metal quinolates and process for preparation thereof as good emitting, interf

IPC H01L 51/54, H01L 51/00, C07D 215/30, C09K11/06, H05B33/14, H01L 51/50

118. IN274349 A device useful for continuous frying and discharging of deep fat fried urd vada and

IPC A23L 1/00

119. US9422952 Vortex diodes as effluent treatment devices

IPC C02F 1/72, F15C 1/16, C02F 9/00, C02F 3/28, C02F 1/34, F15D 1/00, C02F 1/52, C02F 1/78, C02F 3/02

120. IN279099 A novel transportable device for lifting and flaying animals

IPC B66F11/00

121. IN279216 A portable device for in-situ sub-sampling of aqueous sediments

IPC B01D24/00

122. IN279467 An improved method and a device for separation of fats and suspended solids from wast

IPC C02F3/00

123. IN281011 A device for recovering unburnt/partially burnt fuel and pollutants from automobiles

IPC F02D41/00, F02D45/00

124. IN281810 A device for sand stemming in horizontal blast holes in underground excavations

IPC F24D1/00

125. IN282609 A two-dimensional shape deformation device

IPC G01B11/24

126. IN283454 An improved device to produce amorphous or finely grained wide metallic ribbons in a

IPC B22D11/00

127. IN288809 A kit for rapid diagnosis of microbacterium tuberculosis

IPC G01N33/00

128. IN291760 A Device for Suppression of Dust Produced During Blasting of Coalface In Bord Pillar

IPC B62D 25/00

129. IN292002 A Test Rig Useful for on the Surface Evaluation of Underground Mine Roof Bolt Grouted

IPC G01N 3/00

130. IN305105 A device useful for making horizontal bores under the ground

IPC E21B 47/022

131. IN305222 A shape memory alloy (SMS) based composite repair device for repairing the composites

IPC A61B 5/00

132. IN344229 A device for cutting spherical shaped fruits and/or vegetables into multiple number o

IPC B26D 1/00

133. IN347379 A mechanical automatic urinal-toilet flusher

IPC E03D 9/03

134. IN347721 A device useful for rapid, easy and precise sub-selectioning of aqueous sediments in


Sno. Patent No. Title